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The profile 'owns' an application but it has QPGMR as the group profile and
*GRPPRF as the 'OWNER', so the profile itself doesn't actually own anything
other than a couple of IFS directories.

I don't see a way to DSPLOG by user ID - only by job/number/user and I don't
know 2 of the 3.
I also have no utility for analyzing QHST.

The profile is PUBLIC *EXCLUDE so no one is using it to SBMJOBs.

"Ron Boris" <i@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

You can use auditing to analyze the profile. See "Auditing the security
officer's actions"
secofraction.htm or

If the profile is only used for running a limited number of scheduled
jobs and you have a test environment, it might be simpler to create a test
profile without *ALLOBJ authority and run the scheduled jobs in the test
environment using this profile to see what problems pop up.

If it's used for ad-hoc submitted jobs, you can find jobs run by the user
QHST using DSPLOG or a utility (e.g., TAATOOLS).

How is the profile used? Do many users have access to it for submitting
jobs? I assume from your message that it is disabled for interactive
signon. How many different jobs need to be analyzed? Are these scheduled
or on-demand?

Do you have a test environment? Do you have a utility for analyzing the
history log?

Thank you for your support,


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