Correct me if I'm just spreading FUD, but I thought I remembered reading or
hearing that cable speeds were variable. That is, the more people on at any
one time the slower your actual speed. I know that when I use my sister's
cable connection the connection seems quite fast - until the kids come home
from school.

Also, I need a reset here. I know that the upload/download speeds are
"better" the higher the number as the numbers are actual data transferred in
a time period. But is the Ping rating "better" the lower the number? That
is, isn't it a measure of how long it takes to make the trip to an address
and back? I had to ask because it seems that, as in your example, the
faster the upload/download the worse the ping value seems - to me, anyway.

Jerry C. Adams
IBM i Programmer/Analyst
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On 2/2/2012 9:15 AM, Jerry C. Adams wrote:
Here at work we're on Comcast Business Class;
Ping: 8ms
Download: 23.8 Mbps
Upload: 4.74 Mbps

Actually, here's the results of one of my first speed tests when I got
Comcast business class installed.


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