Here at work we're on Comcast Business Class;
Ping: 8ms
Download: 23.8 Mbps
Upload: 4.74 Mbps

Which seems decent based upon what most people are reporting.

I asked the question originally, though, so that I could get a comparison or
benchmark for home broadband as I don't have internet connection at home. I
want a decent connection, but the prices for service run the gamut in
Nashville. I'm a cheap s.o.b., frankly; I drive a 12 year-old pickup
because it doesn't make sense to spend the money on a new one (my previous
one lasted 16 years).

Typically, at home I'm not going to be doing massive downloads/uploads, but
I still have people who insist upon attaching a .wmv file to an email,
rather than providing a link. When that first started, the dial-up
connection I had then just timed-out before anything could be completed.
Plus in the "old" days, web pages were pretty static, but now all of the
graphics, etc., can really put a strain on your browser if the connection
is, shall we say, minimal. I like, if not instant gratification, at least
reasonable gratification.

Jerry C. Adams
IBM i Programmer/Analyst
I know Koufax's weakness. He can't hit. - Whitey Ford
A&K Wholesale
Murfreesboro, TN

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Ping: 14 ms
Download: 25.49 Mbps
Upload: 3 Mbps

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