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Took you long enough!  I was starting to think you were on vacation!  ;-)

Well, actually email WAS an add on product to Notes.  Workflow and the
databases were it's first priority.

That being said, however, I think you are right that there is some
customization being done at your shop, or some plot to intentionally
damage Notes in order to foist someone else's favorite server on the
public at large.

I really don't know, Rob.  I don't know whether in-house staff or
consultants have set this up, but I am vaguely aware that we have in-house
staff maintaining it.  I would be surprised if someone is sabotaging Notes

Yes, as you acknowledge, my folders do appear bold and do tell me the
number of unread entries for each folder, drillable down into the
subfolders.  I'd be happy to send you an offlist screen shot if you want.

No need.  I have a screen shot from Notes' Help that shows this very
feature.  No one could help me here.  I can't imagine anyone would have
purposefully taken away that feature, so I'm guessing that the admin(s) did
something to the design, unaware that the change took that feature away?

I use "Rules" to put emails into different folders.  I have a folder
called AAALIST.  Underneath that is a different folder for each midrange-l
list I am subscribed to.  Quite an extensive number of rules actually.  I
occasionally find anomalies when adding a rule that leads me to believe
that there is a limit on the number of rules you can have and it starts
playing "the little bear rolled over and the one fell out" under the
covers.  But, all-in-all, I am quite happy with it.  If you need some
offlist screen shots of the folders and rules let me know.

Rob, from the link you provided privately last week, I posted a message on
IBM's Notes forum regarding the issue with filters.  (The only response I
got was one that asked for more information, which I provided.)  The filter
issue is a known problem, where something gets corrupted.  Problem
description with workaround that I can't use

We migrated from MS Exchange and would never go back.

The support I get when I call the Notes people is always good.  Granted
I've been on the phone with them enough to have actually received an
invitation to one support person's wedding reception and looked up another

at COMMON to share a beer with.

I do not doubt for a minute that Notes works and works extremely well for
your company.  I sense this because, from my recollection on midrange-L and
RPG400-L, I know how you submit APARs and track problems.  All I know is
what I see and experience, jaded with enough knowledge to tell when
something doesn't work the way it should.  And the picture I see is not

- Dan

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