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I don't understand why your employer is taking issue with covering the
cost of your connectivity.  If they demand you have remote access, then
they must facilitate said access.  They provide you with a cel phone and
pay for the service.  They provide you with a pager and pay for the
service.  Yet while they provide you with a laptop they refuse to pay
for the accompanying service.  It doesn't make sense.

Though it would be difficult for me to believe that I am the first one in
this large company to experience this, it may well be that everyone who has
been on the on-call rotation here has always had a connection at home,
whether it be broadband or dialup, and they never go anywhere in the week
that they are on-call.  The rotation schedule *is* adjustable, meaning I can
negotiate with others on the list to swap weeks like I did last week when I
was out of range of any service "up north" for a long weekend.  Maybe that's
just the way they work it here.

But, I (obviously) agree that they should provide the access they demand I
have.  I have offered to the on-call manager that I could do the research
for a data plan, but have not yet received a response.  We'll see.

- Dan

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