Funny, I know.  Nice lady next door, but you wouldn't want her doing any
"laptop" dances, trust me.

Anyway, I've thought about this a bit more, and part of the on-call deal is
that they give you a cell phone (and a pager, if you can believe it).
Thinking back to John's comment, perhaps they should add the data plan to
that cell phone.  I think that's how I'm going to approach it.  Will let you
know how that pans out.  Although it won't happen overnight.  (Geez, just
getting a request to give me access to network folders necessary for me to
do my day job takes at least 7 days to get a response back.  PITA big
enterprise bureacracy (sp?).

John (and others with experience), is the availability of that service very
reliable in the service areas they specify?  Is it limited to your specific
in-service area? Or is it nationwide where that service is available by the

Thanks guys for helping me think this through.

- Dan

On 8/11/06, Douglas Handy <dhandy@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


OK, hadn't thought about that.  I'll have to check the TOS to be sure, but
> would I be able to sit in her living room with my laptop and use it?

Sure;  you just have to tell your father-in-law that you need to go visit
the girl next door for a few hours each week for a laptop dance... :)

  Is "reselling" it the issue?

The TOS can't make the WiFi signal stop at the property boundary, or
"wardriving" would not have become a hobby for some.

and the beer fairy will start delivering 12-packs at her doorstep every
> month.  Good beer, of course.  What if, what if, what if.

And these would show up a suitable amount of time just ahead of the weekly
laptop dances?

I guess they assume everyone has broadband nowadays.

Do you have it at home?  I'm not sure I'd expect an employer to help
compensate for access at the in-laws, unless you can convince them that a
good data plan for a cell phone is a viable option.

It doesn't seem right that they expect me to have this access as
> part of my responsibilities and to have to pay for it.

If you are really just checking on some jobs, can't you use dialup and a
TN5250 client with SSL support?  You really don't need a ton of bandwidth
for telnet.  If you have cable or DSL at home, most providers will also
some dialup access numbers you can use while away from home so you don't
need another ISP account.

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