For all new mail or just the Spam stuff?

If for all new mail try:
E-mail Options...
Advanced E-mail Options
Uncheck "Play a sound" (mid window)

This is under Outlook 2000 so your mileage may vary...

For me, I turned off all the auto notify stuff in Outlook and then I found some
VBA code that allows me to get rid of the icon in the system tray for new mail.
I have a lot of rules and folders set up to handle all the email I get thru out
the day.  The icon would distract me because I would have to go check if the
email was for something I really needed to look into.  I then set up a rule that
would notify me with a message box if the email was from an actual employee of
the company I work for.  Works pretty slick.

-- Scott J.

> Anyone know if it's possible to configure Outlook XP to not use sound
> notification when certain filters are triggered?
> We use SpamAssassin for our corporate anti-spam system and it
> flags messages
> with *** SPAM *** in the subject line ... I, of course, have
> a rule setup in
> outlook to move spam messages to a separate folder.
> Unfortunately, whenever
> I get spam, I also get the normal new mail notification
> sound.  I'd really
> like to get rid of that.
> Thanks!
> david

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