Most all the messages on the mother conference seem to contain questions of
operability within the 2002 version of the heterogeneous network. Even PTF's
are addressing this "operability".
When I started at this just a few years back bridges between networks were
fewer than the handful of modems. Internet was not in the vocabulary and
dial up was king.

I would just like to say that during all these network changes I witnessed a
decade of AS/400 uptime.
I would like to note that of 110 retail store processors I observed, more
than one stayed up from upgrade to upgrade with no maintenance whatsoever
and handful suffered DASD failures, probably from dirty power, operating
environment and heat.
This machine is so reliable store managers did not even know which one it
was or what it did.

How can any business owner ignore this for eye candy technology on an
overgrown toy?

It would seem that the better salesman is all....that matters.

It is interesting to sit back a look at the forest, the array of concerns
all of us have in our networked shop.

Mark Villa in Charleston SC

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