Well, mine hasn't arrived yet but your post raises a few questions:
1.  Am I wrong in my understanding that the iSeries promotional material in
question makes NO mention of the "cool iSeries thingy"?
2.  Am I wrong in my understanding that the iSeries promotional material in
question requires the addition of a (supplied) pin to correct defect 1
3.  Am I wrong in my assumption that anything called a pin has a sharp point
as one of it chief characteristics?
4.  Are you not therefore going to be prosecuted/persecuted by some Mac
using, crayon writing, do-gooder for this child endangerment?

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In an effort to raise the awareness level of a younger generation to the
capabilities and advantages of the (e)Server iSeries, I am giving my
brandy-new duffel bag to my four-year-old son to bring his books and spare
clothes to day-care. Soon, every four-year-old our area will be asking
his/her parents to get them one of those "cool iSeries thingies". And just
in time for the holiday gift buying season too!

To paraphrase that old slogan of the cigarette industry- "Grab 'em while
they're young! ;-)

Lou Schmaus
CCA, Inc.

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Gadzooks!  I got my iSeries Nation duffel bag today!

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