I think you're on to something here.  All we need is a couple of hot game
titles and a licensing strategy.  How about Dr. Frank and John Sears action
figures combined with a Saturday morning cartoon show?  Maybe we should
reexamine the mascot concept.

How fast can IBM develop a cartridge port?

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> Subject: RE: iSeries Nation duffel bag
> In an effort to raise the awareness level of a younger
> generation to the
> capabilities and advantages of the (e)Server iSeries, I am giving my
> brandy-new duffel bag to my four-year-old son to bring his
> books and spare
> clothes to day-care. Soon, every four-year-old our area will be asking
> his/her parents to get them one of those "cool iSeries
> thingies". And just
> in time for the holiday gift buying season too!
> To paraphrase that old slogan of the cigarette industry-
> "Grab 'em while
> they're young! ;-)
> Lou Schmaus
> CCA, Inc.
> lschmaus@link400.com
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