It's truly a shame that the user group in the San Francisco area withered
and died. At one time, it was really vibrant.

The West Coast region of IBM also ran two educational conferences a year,
alternating between Vancouver, BC, Salishan Lodge in Oregon, Monterey, CA
and San Diego.

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COMMON does have several development sessions - admittedly, many are
fairly basic, one would have to check the grid when a conference is
coming up.

Another is RPG & DB2 Summit, given by Jon Paris, Susan Gantner, and Paul
Tuohy - this is focused on development in particular.

After that, I'm not sure - some local user groups will have things.
IBM's developerworks site has stuff, albeit not as much IBM i as we
might like.

There is always google - places like have lots of
things in their forum on some topics - again, not specifically aimed at
IBM i but useful for other things like ftp or xml or ...

Again for things web-ish, there is - lots of good
stuff on javascript and html and xml and and and

There are a couple schools for sure - Gateway in WI, Jim Buck, has
classes - maybe online. Moraine Valley Community College in IL (says it
is 2nd largest comm coll in country, 36,000 students!) - Michelle
August, who run the IT stuff there, says they have online classes when
enrollment is high enough, as I recall.

COMMON tries to have some webinars. Some are free, some require being a


On 9/2/2014 4:13 PM, Jerry Draper wrote:
So. Where can a person go to enchance dev skills?


On 9/2/2014 12:41 PM, Don wrote:
Check the agenda...recent conferences have had incredibly little to
for developers...

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Once again they combined it with the System Z technical conference.
and you've got less than a week for the early bird rate.

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