COMMON does have several development sessions - admittedly, many are fairly basic, one would have to check the grid when a conference is coming up.

Another is RPG & DB2 Summit, given by Jon Paris, Susan Gantner, and Paul Tuohy - this is focused on development in particular.

After that, I'm not sure - some local user groups will have things. IBM's developerworks site has stuff, albeit not as much IBM i as we might like.

There is always google - places like have lots of things in their forum on some topics - again, not specifically aimed at IBM i but useful for other things like ftp or xml or ...

Again for things web-ish, there is - lots of good stuff on javascript and html and xml and and and

There are a couple schools for sure - Gateway in WI, Jim Buck, has classes - maybe online. Moraine Valley Community College in IL (says it is 2nd largest comm coll in country, 36,000 students!) - Michelle August, who run the IT stuff there, says they have online classes when enrollment is high enough, as I recall.

COMMON tries to have some webinars. Some are free, some require being a member.


On 9/2/2014 4:13 PM, Jerry Draper wrote:
So. Where can a person go to enchance dev skills?


On 9/2/2014 12:41 PM, Don wrote:
Check the agenda...recent conferences have had incredibly little to offer
for developers...

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Once again they combined it with the System Z technical conference.
and you've got less than a week for the early bird rate.

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