Chuck - the issue is that the online system is brought down, along with all online users. Unfortunately once in a while an independent batch job named "BrokenJob" will be hung or msgw status, with a lock on a PF named "ImportantFile". Or maybe it is an FTP file transfer in progress, or a web interface file lock.

So my question is, how can I identify and send an email or text message stating something like "SWA cannot perform nightly backups because BrokenJob has a lock on ImportantFile".

Is there a DSPOBJLCK type command that can write to an outfile (instead of a printer?)


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On 25-Aug-2014 15:50 -0500, Stone, Joel wrote:
Each evening we bring down all users and run save-while-active on
production files.

Once in a while the save-while-active job cannot get a lock on a

After bringing down the online system, we would like to run a job
prior to the save that sends a text message to a few people showing
the JOB/lib/file of any production objects with a lock on them.

This would avoid the scenario where the SAVE job cannot get a lock on
each and every object for a moment.

Is a good method to <<SNIP>>

Seems there is a flaw in the attempt to use SWA. If the "online
system" is _brought down_ [and "all users" as well], yet there are still
locks on the objects of that application\system, then the problem would
seem to be with if\how the application is being terminated to free those

Having approached the issue from that perspective, there should
remain no need to try to figure out who\what holds those resources
still, except in what would hopefully be rare cases of defects in the
processing that should both /bring down/ the application and prevent
anyone starting any new instances of that application until after the
checkpoint processing can be achieved.

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