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Once again, please keep in mind that IBM i comes with a built in
database called DB2. And DB2, like most databases, has something
called a "system catalog". There is no need to do a DSPOBJD of every
file out there to an output file. This file already exists and is
automatically updated whenever a file is created. Query the file
SYSTABLES. If you want a list of each partition (member) of each
table (file) then use SYSPSTAT.

Once again, keep in mind that the SQL Catalogs do not track every database file object [including nothing in a QTEMP library]. Review the selection, most notably the WHERE clause, of any catalog VIEW to see what are omitted; one may have to direct their queries to the *DBXREF data [dealing with the issues of both that data is not publicly authorized and that permanent objects vs just queries (that should be WITH NC and FOR READ ONLY) may be deleted by the system]. The Display File Description (DSPFD) of the VIEW will also show the System Database Cross-Reference file QADB* in QSYS over which the logical view is defined to obtain the physical data.

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