1) AJS scheduled job, SYSRESTRIC, ends all sbs, any other processes, etc.
You could have 2 control groups, one does full system save, other does only a *SAVSYS
The key here is that it is submitted to the *CTLSBS.
3) End of save, BRMS will then call QSTRUP.
4) BRMS is configured for auto dup.

Hands free, unattended.


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Nope - just a SAVSYS. We do a backup of all libraries, all IFS, all user profiles nightly, The only think we don't get nighty we get on a SAVSYS one a month

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Just a SAVSYS? Or are you using that term when you really mean a full backup?

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Does anyone have a script or tool that would do a monthly SAVSYS process
without the need for an operator? End all subsystems to a restricted
state, do the SAVSYS, initiate an IPL to bring the system back up, kick
off a DUPTAP to make a second copy of the SAVSYS tape. I remember there
were some techniques for doing this years ago, like write CL and call
that CL from the operators console before going home on the weekend to do
the SAVSYS. CL waits until Sunday morning at 6:00 am and then starts
running. Does a tool like BRMS or Robot handle this type of process?

Mike Cunningham
VP of Information Technology Services/CIO
Pennsylvania College of Technology

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