I don't think BRMS or Robot has anything like that, but I once wrote a
program called WEEKLY that would be started by the operator at the console
on Friday, and then wait until Sunday at about 2 AM when the warehouse was

There was no need to do an IPL because the program restarted everything that
had been shutdown.

That client got bought by a bigger company that plunged down the Oracle
black hole and outsourced everything way before they were ready to make the

I'll see if I still have a copy of the program somewhere.

Paul Nelson
Cell 708-670-6978
Office 409-267-4027

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Does anyone have a script or tool that would do a monthly SAVSYS process
without the need for an operator? End all subsystems to a restricted state,
do the SAVSYS, initiate an IPL to bring the system back up, kick off a
DUPTAP to make a second copy of the SAVSYS tape. I remember there were some
techniques for doing this years ago, like write CL and call that CL from
the operators console before going home on the weekend to do the SAVSYS. CL
waits until Sunday morning at 6:00 am and then starts running. Does a tool
like BRMS or Robot handle this type of process?

Mike Cunningham
VP of Information Technology Services/CIO
Pennsylvania College of Technology

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