On 14-Aug-2014 12:44 -0500, Steinmetz, Paul wrote:
CRPence on Thursday, August 14, 2014 1:14 PM wrote:
On 14-Aug-2014 10:28 -0500, Steinmetz, Paul wrote:
Normally, only one joblog is created for a job.
Some jobs have multiple joblogs being created.
In one instance 159 joblogs were created for a single batch job,
each about 80 pages, or 584k.
The final joblog is 5,164 pages, 32,792k.

FWiW, regarding the noted effect from *PRTWRAP setting for Job
Message Queue Full Action (JOBMSGQFL) having exceeded the Job
Message Queue Maximum Size (JOBMSGQMX): <<SNIP>>

This is still not making sense. 159 joblogs. But only 2 CPI2417

Message ID . . : CPI2417 Severity . . . : 40
Message type . : Information
Date sent . . : 08/12/14 Time sent . . . : 12:00:23
Message: Job message queue for 978872/TRP1/S001NITE19 has been wrapped.

If the job message queue only wrapped 2 times, there should only be
3 joblogs.

So that CPI2417 message information was output from a request to Display Log (DSPLOG) for all messages [or just MSGID(CPI2417) for that job spanning since the job initiated until the job ended? If so, or effectively [e.g. by another means such as DSPMSG QSYSOPR], then I would indeed only expect two or three joblogs [due to wrapping]. Any other JobLogs produced I would infer were generated by explicit Display Job Log (DSPJOBLOG) requests made either directly within the code running in that job or effected by processing in /exits/ [possibly due to messaging; e.g. Default Program (DFTPGM) for an unmonitored error message].

Easy enough to debug the origin of the joblog production directly within such a job; service the job, debug the QMHJLOG program and add a break-point at instruction '/0001' ['/1'] and then review the program stack to see what code invoked the request each time the breakpoint hits. If the joblog production is via a joblog server, then I have not debugged that, and presume that would be more difficult [for not knowing, and not easily determining, for what job the server job would be generating the spool]

Also, the size of each joblog, 584k, is not near the maximum size.

The size of the spool file has no direct relationship to the size of the Job Message Queue. The spooled [or output file] joblog can be filtered; e.g. Logging Level (LOG) parameter for the job. The size of the spool file should be ignored.

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