There is a UDTF for a single library, provided by IBM - you can use *ALL for the object types - here is an example of its use -


It can do only one library. Oh, yeah, I said that already - heh!

Brief docs for this and other services are at -!/wiki/IBM%20i%20Technology%20Updates/page/DB2%20for%20i%20-%20Services

On that page, click at "attachments" near the bottom for a link to a Powerpoint showing the various services, both DB2 and system -

Very cool stuff being provided by the database team at IBM.


On 8/5/2014 10:33 AM, CRPence wrote:
On 05-Aug-2014 08:36 -0500, Gqcy wrote:
Does someone have a SQL that I can run that will show the library

A procedure [or ILE or OPM program] that gathers the result from requesting Size via the Retrieve Library Description (QLIRLIBD) API can be encapsulated in a scalar User Defined Function (UDF). The routine would be defined to the SQL via CREATE FUNCTION [external scalar].

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