can ping both and can ping but not

Gateways being 10.10.x.1... has had two routes for a long time. *DFTROUTE hops through with no preferred interface. "mimix" route hops through via preferred interface Two nics. (old power
6) *DFTROUTE hops through through preferred interface No other routes. fiber ethernet virtualized through two vios
lpars. New Power 8. Other lpars on this same Power 8, also using

I hope no static ARP entries exist. But I'll leave that up to the network
guy to determine. I really don't know what they are.

I wondered if it might be something that needed to flush out. But it's
been 46 hours or more since the network changes were made.

I have another lpar ( on that same power 8 with two routes
( and being served up by the same vios lpars and
through the same switches. It can ping '' and '' with
no problems.

Rob Berendt

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