Hi Donna

Nice checklist - thanks for that.

As to the tag - I used to be at an ISV until the start of 2013 and made up that tag, since David wants it clear when it's a "civilian" answer instead of a vendor solution.

Once I had a fat-finger and typed "verndor" instead of "vendor", and it kind of stuck - hey, I even saw someone on a linked-in group use it - I should get paid, right?

One of the things I dislike about Linked-In stuff is that it is SO blatantly used by vendors to hawk their product as THE solution - and credibility suffers badly due to that. This list is different. I was likely more careful than I needed to be, when I was posting info about the products from that ISV.

Fortunately, my goofy tag eventually became, IIRC, a bit of lightness in the list.

And now I'm a civilian again - no more verndor stuff! Ah, I miss that! Sometimes!


On 7/24/2014 2:20 PM, Donna Westmoreland wrote:
Hi Kurt, Mike and Vern,

Now -- do I need to include that <vendor response> tag :) ?

I have been supporting change management products for over 25 years and find
that making a CM product decision can be challenging for any shop. I've
compiled a vendor-independent check list that I hope will help your
evaluation process: <http://tinyurl.com/nu9obwy>

For a smaller shop I always suggest that you look for a 'small shop' pricing
option and an easy-to-use interface. Keeping it simple is the key and
always check references.

Midrange Dynamics change management (MDCMS) was mentioned earlier, and it
has been used worldwide since 1998. MDCMS is reasonably priced, yet full of
advanced features, including outstanding capabilities for managing SQL and
responding to audit requirements. It scales well for any size shop. To help
TurnOver users who need to move, it includes automated migration for history
and work in progress. For the requirements you have mentioned so far, and
the requirements others have suggested to you, you will find MDCMS to be a
good fit. FYI, Synergivity Software is the North America reseller for MDCMS.

Thanks, Donna

www.ConsistentChange.com <http://www.ConsistentChange.com>

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