On 7/23/2014 12:52 PM, Charles Wilt wrote:
Let me point out that there's a different between "change management"
and version control of source.

Very true.

But there's a world of difference between for instance using Git for
version control and using Aldon LM(i) or PTC Implementer; the latter
not only controls source but handle automated deployments of new
objects to production (useful even if you have development and
production on the same system)

And a good IBM i based change management system will handle retention of data in database files, object attribute & security management, program attributes set at compile time, related object recompile, etc.

Also note that for instance, Aldon LM(i) only works with objects in
the library file system. If for instance, you've got java/php
source, .html files or other types of stream files in the IFS you'd
want handled by the CMS, you have to move up to the LM(e) product;
which IMHO is overkill (and overpriced) for IBM i centric shop. Even
if you don't currently need IFS support...you will sooner or later.

FWIW: Implementer can manage the IFS also.

(who, as mentioned, works for PTC on the Implementer product in addition to running midrange.com)

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