Lucky you...

For the past two Saturday's I've gotten a wake up call from IBM at 5am
telling me my cache battery is in a warning state...

Even though replacement had already been scheduled with service...

It's nice to get a call when something is wrong...but I'd prefer a bit of
common since on what problems need a 5am Saturday morning call :)


On Mon, Jul 21, 2014 at 7:45 AM, <rob@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Brand new HMC.
Last rebooted July 8.
Reporting error.
IBM says there is an internal document, H194212, that says these should be
rebooted at least once a month. Mine was less than two weeks. Yet I am
Licensed Internal Code failure on the Hardware Management Console (HMC).
Memory Alert; RSS value for a process is too big Error reason = RSS size .

IBM had me run
who -r
This reported that I last rebooted July 8 at 21:53
Then they had me run
monhmc disk -r 0
I can't break out of it and will probably kill putty shell.

Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda2 16121184 7208772 8093500 48% /
/dev/sda3 6040320 309452 5424028 6% /var
/dev/mapper/HMCDataVG-HomeLV 10321208 248256 9548664 3% /home
/dev/mapper/HMCDataVG-LogLV 8256952 2546628 5290896 33%
/dev/mapper/HMCDataVG-DumpLV 61927420 194876 58586816 1% /dump
/dev/mapper/HMCDataVG-ExtraLV 20642428 198696 19395156 2% /extra
/dev/mapper/HMCDataVG-DataLV 144497320 980148 136177140 1% /data
IBM says disk is fine. Just memory fluke. Fecal matter occurs. Reboot
regularly. Won't affect operations of monitored Power systems. (unless,
of course, you are using your system console).
Hint: Reboot HMC right before long running processes like dedicated save,
OS upgrade, etc.

Reporting system: HMC01NEW
Machine type-model/serial: 7042-CR8/21DD97C
Problem number: 21
Error: E212E111
Description: Licensed internal code has detected a problem.
Last occurred: 7/21/14 5:36 AM
Current status: Opened
PMR number: 78700,082,000
Details: Remote support call generated on HMC01NEW completed successfully
by server HMC01NEW(

HMC version 8.8.1

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