I'm not sure that this is governed by a standard, since it's not part of the way things work under-the-covers, it's just a feature of a program.

But, I agree with your client. If you do ping 'bob', it should be looking for 'bob' first, then '', unless '' is in your DNS search list.

You can add a . as a suffix if you don't want it to automatically append the domain name. So you could do '' (note the trailing dot) and it should ONLY look for that exact name. Likewise, you could do 'bob.' and it'd only look for bob without any domain suffix.

Does that help?


On 7/16/2014 4:56 PM, Kirk Goins wrote:
How the iSeries at 7.1 does it.
CFGTCP Option #12
Host Name = HHHHH
Domain name =
Domain search list = *DFT

Do ping to some name like just plain old BOB
The iSeries searches for BOB.XXXXX.YYYYYY.COM
If not found the iSeries searches for BOB.YYYYYY.COM
Per my client that 2nd search should not happen
Per IBM that is compliant with DNS standards
In this case it was causing issues and invalid address was being returned.

Da question fo any DNS GURU's Can you point me to and RFC or ??
That outlines the correct search method that a computer should do
per standards. I want to provide docs that prove that he DNS search
on the iSeries is working or not working correctly.


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