On 16-Jul-2014 18:56 -0500, Kirk Goins wrote:
How the iSeries at 7.1 does it.
CFGTCP Option #12
Host Name = HHHHH
Domain name = xxxxx.yyyyyy.com
Domain search list = *DFT

Do ping to some name like just plain old BOB
The iSeries searches for BOB.XXXXX.YYYYYY.COM
If not found the iSeries searches for BOB.YYYYYY.COM
Per my client that 2nd search should not happen
Per IBM that is compliant with DNS standards
In this case it was causing issues and invalid address was being

Da question for any DNS GURU's Can you point me to and RFC or ??
That outlines the correct search method that a computer should do
per standards. I want to provide docs that prove that he DNS search
function on the iSeries is working or not working correctly.

Just a WAG:

I expect the question could be more about the PING utility\feature, than about the DNS [search].?

Just as the Verify TCP/IP Connection (VFYTCPCNN) [aka PING], according to the docs\help-text, "appends the local domain to a host name if a domain is not specified ...", something that appears to match standard effects of DNS search, there is nothing stopping that utility from attempting to repeat that work by having appended the similar but larger domain.? That is, there is nothing obvious to imply that the PING utility, after determining that the host name with the local domain could not be resolved to an IP address, could not [instead of immediately failing with msg TCP3202] try to resolve the host name again, but having appended a different domain; such that if the DNS successfully resolves that alternate name to an IP address, then the utility could proceed by providing results for the host with that other domain qualifier.? That would be from two distinct gethostbyname() API requests rather than just one; the effects would not be a result of one request for which the DNS search list [order] played a direct role.

Perhaps eliminate the PING completely, and test just the effect of using the DNS with the gethostbyname() sockets API.

Note: if the local host table has an entry for BOB [perhaps also if an entry exists for?: BOB.XXXXX.YYYYYY.COM], then AFaIK the described effect would be a valid\legitimate reason for the effects of gethostbyname() to succeed, but having returned the IP address from [the local entry in] that table.

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