V5R1 was a long time ago for me... hard to remember, but...

I remember that there were a number of compatibility problems with /QDLS. Not just with Win 7, but even with Win XP after installing certain updates.

At the time, IBM's stance was that Microsoft changed something incorrectly that conflicted with QDLS's non-threadsafe mode of operation. They decided not to fix it because QDLS was outdated and they basically said they weren't going to update it, that you should use a more modern filesystem.

Then, suddenly at one point they changed their minds and updated QDLS to workaround the problems... (Which I wasn't expecting, after they stated that it was outdated and you should stop using it.) I don't remember which release it was that added these fixes, though.

But... My guess is that the fixes won't be available to V5R1. You probably will have to just accept that, and use the root file system. (Really isn't much reason to still use QDLS, is there?)

Or, obviously, you could update to a more recent release of IBM i -- but I assume that's not an option for you (otherwise you would've done that already.)

On 7/24/2014 8:23 PM, Jerome Draper wrote:
Anyone able to map a drive using Win 7 64bit to a /QDLS folder on a V5R1

Is it possible given that IBM didn't support Win7 until V5R4?



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