On 15-Jul-2014 08:47 -0500, Jeff Young wrote:
On 15-Jul-2014 08:14 -0500, Jeff Young wrote:
I managed to solve the initial issue with the database extension,
but now have another problem.
The file that I am attempting to send has embedded blanks in the
name, and is a long name - 15012014 Creation Report.txt
I have tried to place quotes around it, but it still can not find
the file. When I change the name to use the _ character instead of
blank, I receive an error 5012014_Creation not found. Is there a
limit on the size of the file name in the PUT sub command?

I managed to solve the problem.
It appears that even though I used the locsite namefmt 1 command and
set the local directory using the lcd command, the put command needs
the full path name with the file or I get errors.

Specifying the path name is optional, if the named file is in the Current Directory that has been established within the FTP session. Having correctly placed "quotes around" the name with embedded blanks, the PUT should function as expected.

Once I used the full path name, and surrounded the file name with
single quotes, it worked fine. <<SNIP>>

After LCD FTP subcommand is used to establish a pathname outside the default in /QSYS.LIB, the PUT should locate the named file within that newly establisehd Current Directory [outside of /QSYS.LIB]. Simply having delimited the file name with either double-quote or apostrophe characters, just as was noted to be successful when fully qualified with the pathname. There should be no reason to specify the path redundantly; if an error persists, either something was still incorrect in the setup, or there is a defect. The following script should successfully PUT the data from a client localfile name that includes embedded blanks] from within the current directory [of the FTP session], into a file named tofilename at the server:

LCD /myChosenDirectoryPath
PUT "15012014 Creation Report.txt" tofilename

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