Hi all,

After Googling and reading PDF's, I'm still not clear on the LS recovery subject.
It seems that, no matter if you use parity, mirroring or what have you, load source disks are the Achilles heel of (older) i platforms.

I've read somewhere (this forum probably) that I'm not supposed to shutdown the system when the load source disk fails.
I've a 9406-800 running V5R4 at home which (I think) doesn't support hot-swapping disks (the cage should have an optional feature for that I think).

Does that mean that, for such a robust platform as OS400/i5OS/IBM i, I'm screwed when that disk fails? Would I need to reinstall from tape? Why bother with offering a RAID option for said machine then in the first place?

Could be that I'm misinterpreting information, but I haven't found a satisfying explanation yet.

If I were to power up my machine (it's at home, so I don't run it 24/7) and experience a broken disk, Is there a possibility to swap the broken disk, IPL the system nonetheless and rebuild the protection from there?



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