Hey Gerry,

The quick answer is yes, yes, and no. Usually, a permanent apply will get
rid of save files and the associated SRCPF's in QGPL, but they can survive
an OS upgrade if a perm apply isn't done.

Just check the dates on the files and delete away!

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"...You've never taken over maintenance on a machine that's been under
else's care only to find PTF save files from 2.1 and more? I'm surprised."

Sorry - I've been out of the loop on this discussion but since I just did
PTF groups on two partitions I picked up on this and saw Rob's comment
which intrigued me enough google 'qgpl *savf' which led me to this link
(even though it is seven years old):


My question to this fine group of experts is can I safely delete these
*SAVF files in QGPL? Many of them have text that starts with 'PTF', and/but
there are others that are NOT *SAVF but are instead PF-SRC files that start
with SF and end with either the letter G or C - and these appear to be
cover letter related. Can these be deleted too?

Lastly I've been using binary files downloaded via FTP from IBM to the IFS
and installed via image catalogs. Does that process result in *SAVF's in
QGPL too?

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