My web site for OpenSSH is working for me. Can you try again?

You say you tried just using 'just ftp connection on port 22'. This is not valid, you need to use an SFTP client. SFTP is actuallly an "FTP-lookalike" front-end for SSH. So under the covers it uses a completely different network protocol than FTP.... there's no way FTP will work, here.

IBM provides a port of the OpenSSH product for IBM i. OpenSSH is a cross-platform tool available for Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac, and IBM i (via PASE) and is used in 85% of the SSH implementations on the Internet. So, it's a very mainstream approach.

The page on my web site should explain how to use it...

On 6/24/2014 8:56 AM, Jim Franz wrote:
I have a sftp to setup (today) on i but no mention of keys in spec.
Have user/password, and this stmt "Connection SFTP (port 22)"
when I try just ftp connection on port 22, get response
SSH-2.0-1.36_sshlib GlobalSCAPE

I tried to reach but site not responding
Our normal sftp is thru win server but tech's wife had baby this morning.

Need these 3 steps
connect > send
connect > dir > (to a log file to determine if new file to get
connect > get

Any pointers appreciated.
Jim Franz

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