I trust that the entitlement schmoes have gotten the word that a customer's
machine can come from many different places, and stop worrying about the
first 2 characters of a serial number.

I once had a duty manager in Atlanta cuss me out and tell me to stop
bothering him for license keys. My customer had bought a used machine that
had been built in the UK, and the duty manager swore up and down that that
machine didn't belong in an American shop.

It took some intervention from an executive in New York to convince the duty
manager that the machine was legit and that he had 15 minutes to produce the
keys or he could pack up his desk.

I miss Al Barsa and his connections in New York.

Paul Nelson
Cell 708-670-6978
Office 409-267-4027

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Every time they change shipping this happens. We had one come from
Ireland years back, Customs blocked it for over a week. It didn't even
come with Guinness! When they shipped from China, same deal, now
Mexico. While I can't disagree with your desire to get them from RST I
think the problem is simply getting everything right for Customs at that
particular port of entry. So thanks to you for helping the rest of our
shipments go smoother. :-)

- Larry "DrFranken" Bolhuis


On 6/19/2014 9:01 AM, rob@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

I miss IBM Power equipment being manufactured in Rochester MN. I have 3
new Power 8 servers coming out of Guadalajara Mexico that are now sitting
stuck in customs.

Now I have to reschedule a bunch of stuff.

Rob Berendt

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