Any chance the VPN network is using the same IP addressing scheme as your
local network? Your local routers might be getting confused?


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I'm trying to connect to a remote site (well, not THAT remote; just 25 miles
away but I don't want to go there) via a VPN connection.

I'm making the connect through the VPN, but when I try to use System i
Client Access to connect to the System i, I get an error: "Sockets Error
returned 10065". The Help text for the error is: "No route to the system
was found. Check your TCP/IP address and configuration. There may also be a
network problem."

I'm not a network pro, but I read this to mean that the System i is either
not on the network (it's IP address may have been changed) or it is
comatose. Any other possibility?

Jerry C. Adams

You couldn't handle me even if I gave out instructions.

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