If it's a single drive LTO2 that appears to be working itself (that is you can load a tape and unload a tape and it shoes no errors) then:

Check all the cables.
Check the terminator.

If all are good open the top cover of the thing and check to be sure the internal SCSI cable hasn't pulled free from the back of the actual drive. It might appear connected but assure that it's fully seated. That cable goes from one of the two SCSI connectors on the back of the case to the drive and then to the other case connector. Don't ask me how I know this can be a problem.......

- Larry "DrFranken" Bolhuis


On 6/2/2014 1:04 PM, Brian Piotrowski wrote:

Thanks, Nathan.

I am only in need of a single tape device. A tape library would be fine as well (it would save me the trouble of loading tapes every day).

I do have a single tape LTO-2 tape drive, but I need to do a bit of investigation on it. It's hooked into my dev box, but it's not being detected (even when I IPLed the box). So I'm not sure if the tape drive is bad or if there's a misconfiguration somewhere.


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It looks like your server has only 6 disk drives of 35 GB each. If they happen to be mirrored, then it appears your backup would fit on a pair of
70 GB tapes. Do you really need a tape library? Or would a single tape drive suffice?


On Mon, Jun 2, 2014 at 7:38 AM, Brian Piotrowski < bpiotrowski@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Geez, I'm a goof....Monday morning fog.

Here's the rack config....and this will be our development box for the
immediate future (and probably for at least three years or more). Box
is currently running 6.1 and will probably move to 7.1 soon (for testing).

520 Rack Config

Type- Resource

Description Model Name Location

System Unit 787A-001 FR01

Active Backplane 522A P01 P1

Combined Function IOP 2844-001 P21 P1-C1

Communications IOA 2742-001 P37 P1-C2

Communications Port 2742-001 P38 P1-C2-T1

Communications Port 2742-001 P39 P1-C2-T2

Communications IOA 2793-001 P40 P1-C3

Communications Port 2793-001 P41 P1-C3-T1

Communications Port 2793-001 P42 P1-C3-T2

Storage IOA 2749-001 P34 P1-C4

Workstation IOA 2746-001 P20 P1-C5

Combined Function IOP * < 2844-001 P13 P1-C6

Service Processor 28D7 P12 P1-C7

Storage IOA 5709-001 P14 P1-C8

Main Storage 309B P09 P1-C9

Main Storage 30D2 P04 P1-C10

Main Storage 309B P08 P1-C11

Main Storage 30D2 P03 P1-C12

Main Storage 30D2 P06 P1-C13

Main Storage 309B P10 P1-C14

Main Storage 30D2 P05 P1-C15

Main Storage 309B P07 P1-C16

Voltage Regulator 6B10 P23 P1-C17

Voltage Regulator 6B11 P24 P1-C18

Voltage Regulator 6B12 P22 P1-C19

Capacity Card 7459 P11 P1-C20

Communications Port 5706-001 P35 P1-T5

Communications Port 5706-001 P36 P1-T6

Backplane 28D2 P32 P2

Disk Unit 4326-070 P31 P2-D2

Disk Unit 4326-074 P28 P2-D3

Disk Unit 4326-074 P30 P2-D4

Backplane 28D2 P25 P3

Disk Unit * 4326-070 P26 P3-D2

Disk Unit 4326-074 P29 P3-D3

Disk Unit 4326-074 P27 P3-D4

Backplane 291E P33 P4

Control Panel 28E5 P02 D1

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