I am investigating a problem with a custom app designed to
to read text files transferred to our iSeries IFS from another
"win-tel" server on our network.

The custom app has a problem where about 1% of the files received
are not completely processed and knowing what the different Created,
Accessed and Changed values represent will help my analysis.

Is "Created" set by the iSeries at the time the file is copied to the IFS ?

Or, is "Created" an attribute preserved from the system where the file
was first created ?

Same question for "Changed"; is this an attribute preserved from the
system which created and then updated the file ?

The current method used by the "win-tel" server uses robocopy to
copy these text files to a "mapped drive" on our iSeries, and it would
help explain the difference I see between the Created, Changed and
Accessed info.

Note: I changed Accessed by using EDTF to open and then close one
file, but without changing file data in any way, and I changed Accessed
again by using DSPF. The value of Changed for this file was not altered
by either EDTF or DSPF.

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