Read both the 7.1, and the 7.2, Memo to Users. It's at the Infocenter, or
it's replacement, the Knowledgecenter.
It's hard telling what your application may do that may be affected by
stuff in those.

I've seen one package blow that tried to check your Java level by reading
the description of the LPP for java. Between 7.1 and 7.2 that changed it
from 5761JV1 to 5770JV1. That killed that product. (There are better
ways to check Java levels.)

If your product relies upon certain hardware you may be toast. 7.2 really
dropped a lot of hardware.

Failure to follow the MTU will corrupt your database cross reference

If you are API phobic and rely upon OUTPUT(*PRINT) and then CPYSPLF then
there are some layout changes.

AnyNet dies. Must use Enterprise Extenders (if you still want to stick
with SNA).

Certain TCP Pascal APIs are gone.

TCP should be ended before ENDSBS *ALL.

The new RUNSQL command may conflict with custom (or downloaded) RUNSQL

and many, many more items.
RTM's <extra consonant deleted>

7.1 Memo to Users

7.2 Memo to Users

Rob Berendt

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