We have a product still using QDLS to store docs (and not an immediate
option to replace the product). The QDOC lib in ASP1 is overflowed by
several hundred thousand docs. We have a 2nd ASP and a QDOC002 but the
product kept writing to the ASP where the folders originated.

The knowledgecenter doc describing transfer of a qdls folder from one asp
to another requires a restricted system.

My question is to anyone who has been through this, is restricted system
really required? That seems suspect... although QDOC is "unique"...

1. Save the private authorities for the folder: SAVSECDTA DEV(TAP01).
2. Save the folder: SAVDLO DLO(*ALL) FLR(HRFLR) DEV(TAP01). Consider
saving the object twice to 2 different media volumes.
3. Delete the folder: DLTDLO DLO(*ALL) FLR(HRFLR). Do not skip this
step. If you restore a document library object (DLO) to an ASP and it
already exists in another ASP, you receive an error message. The restore
operation continues with the next DLO. If you issue a restore command for a
large number of DLOs, you will receive a large number of error messages.
4. Place the system in a restricted state: ENDSBS *ALL *IMMED.
5. Restore the private authorities you saved in step
6. Restore the folder to the new user ASP: RSTDLO DLO(*ALL)
7. Restore authority to the folder and its objects: RSTAUT


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