On 5/19/2014 5:46 PM, Vernon Hamberg wrote:
Buck, it's easier than that in SEU - have you ever looked in the Edit
menu and seen "Copy Append"? I've mapped that to Ctrl-A - if you set
your trim box to stay after selecting, you just page down and keep
pressing Ctrl-A after the initial Ctrl-C.

There is also "Paste Next" - also very cool - check them out!

Hee hee, you know how to ring a pedant's bell :-) The 'way easier'
comment springs from the reality that 5250 is a block mode device as
opposed to a stream mode interface like Notepad, a web text box or RDi.

I'm a programmer. If I used IBM i Access for Windows I am reasonably
certain that I could write a macro that would Copy, page down, copy
append, etc until reaching the bottom of the source member. If not with
a macro, then perhaps with Windows Scripting Host or Auto Hot Key or
some other thing that would let me work around block mode.

Perhaps someone reading this who hasn't got RDi will be motivated to try
it and post the results for the community. I'm sure there are a pile of
SEU users who would be happier to share their code if it were less
burdensome to get it out of the editor onto a web page (or a wiki?).
It's truly wonderful that there are multiple ways of solving a
particular problem - different people will gravitate to the solution
that works best for them. And emotional comfort should not be disregarded!

I don't use the 5250 emulator that comes with IBM i Access for Windows,
so I solved the source transfer problem differently. I wrote a .BAT
file that did an FTP to a temporary file on my PC and opened the
temporary file with Notepad++. Then I can Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C and I'm still
in a familiar workflow.


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