On 5/19/2014 3:10 PM, Gary Thompson wrote:
Ok, (it's WAY easier...) got my attention - so "the link" is a "New Connection" in RDi ?
So, I did that and now see http://code.midrange.com in RSE - am I on the right track ??
Now what ? - ok, maybe copy a local source file to someplace under Local Files ???
Hmm, I think this looks like I'm linking my local drive to Midrange.com ????
As you can see - this is pretty much too copious for my dominion of comprehension . . .

Sorry! What I meant is that with RDi, one can copy all the source with
two keystrokes (Ctrl-A, CTRL-C). With SEU, one has to select all the
text on page 1, Ctrl-C, switch to code.midrange.com, paste that screen,
switch back, page down to page 2, select the text, etc ad nauseam.


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On 5/19/2014 2:32 PM, Gary Thompson wrote:
We have a local program I use to replace "color attribute bytes" with blank characters.
This is to "fix" older source maintained by SEU so it can be maintained with RDi.
I can post the source to midrange, but have forgotten how so someone
will need to out-line that process for me, or I can put in a save file and e-mail directly to you.

Paste your code to that web site (it's WAY easier with RDi!) Create the link Copy the link and post it here.

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