The problem still is that the protocol is SNTP and not NTP, and that brings
us back to the first post. How to get NTP running on the i. PASE? JAVA? etc.

Best Regards,

Roberto Etcheverry

On Fri, May 16, 2014 at 5:01 PM, Raul A Jager W via MIDRANGE-L <
midrange-l@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Just go to a green screen type CHGNTPA F4 and fill the parameters.

A copy & paste of my configuration:

Cambiar atributos de SNTP (CHGNTPA)

Teclee elecciones, pulse Intro.

Sistema remoto . . . . . . . . '0.pool.ntp.org'



Inicio automático de cliente . . *YES *SAME, *NO, *YES

Intervalo de sondeo de cliente 60 1-1440 minutos, *SAME

Ajuste de mínimo de clientes . . 200 0-300000
Ajuste de máximo de clientes . . 20 1-120 minutos, *SAME

Umbral de ajuste de cliente . . *MAXADJ 1-7200 seg, *SAME,
Anot actividad cliente . . . . . *CHANGE *SAME, *NONE, *CHANGE,
Inicio automático de servidor . *YES *SAME, *NO, *YES

Anot actividad servidor . . . . *ERROR *SAME, *NONE, *ALL,
Sincronización necesaria . . . . *NO *SAME, *NO, *YES

F3=Salir F4=Solicitud F5=Renovar F12=Cancelar

F13=Cómo utilizar esta pantalla F24=Más teclas


The i is set up as client and server. The internal users poit to it to
sync time.

0.pool.ntp.org, 1, 2 are generic NTP servers, you shoulg ping them to
see if they work at your place, otherwise google for NTP servers at your

On 5/15/2014 8:40 PM, Mike Skvarenina wrote:
I need to meet a government requirement that says my System i must use
NTP protocol and set its time. I'm well aware of IBM's built in
support for
SNTP but the requirements state that SNTP ("simple" network time
is not sufficient. One of the reasons given is that SNTP allows you to
define multiple time servers on the Internet but it uses a round robin
approach such that if one server is down it goes to the next. With NTP,
apparently multiple servers are considered by the protocol and it
which is the most accurate.

We've tried to demonstrate to the governing body the SNTP support
along with
the log files it creates as it adjusts the time but they've justsaid
no so
we're looking for other ways to implement NTP on the System i.

Any suggestions anyone?

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