I am not sure I can answer but I'll try to give you a hand (Dan Kimmel is on this list and is pretty good at Java environment stuff - maybe he will weigh in). If you are still stuck, perhaps you can post what kind of Java program you are running. Most of my stuff runs from scripts (Tomcat, JRuby, etc) that are invoked in PASE so I usually hack the scripts and add the options before I start the app but if you are running something directly from the command line or wrapped in a CL there may be different options. JAVA_OPTS is the correct variable, BTW, but my guess is that you are invoking your program in a way that isn't picking up the variable....

You may want to subscribe to the Java400 list if you are still stuck. I'll cross post there in case you do.

Pete Helgren
GIAC Secure Software Programmer-Java

On 5/13/2014 12:19 PM, MARK GOLDEN wrote:

I have a system where on occasion I would like to increase the maximum java heap for a 64-bit JVM.

I am using the ADDENVVAR command via a CL program which sets JAVA_OPS -Xms4000m - Xmx4000m.
This seems to be completely ignored by the system which leaves the maximum java heap at 2048m for the 64-Bit machine.
As soon as the 2048m limit is reached I receive the out of memory error.

The machine I'm working on has more than enough memory for the request.

What am i missing?


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