On 13-May-2014 18:19 -0500, Sarah Kemp wrote:
I will keep my question here brief and link to a more detailed
version so the code is readable.

I am implementing SQL error handling based on this page:

GET DIAGNOSTICS is incorrectly returning an SQLSTATE of 00000 when
it is first called in a newly activated service program. All
subsequent calls return correctly. Executing an otherwise unnecessary
SQL statement beforehand eliminates the issue. The service program
containing the GET DIAGNOSTICS statement is bound-by-reference to the
service program containing the erroring SQL statement and activates
*IMMED in group *CALLER.

Please see my full question here:

I will be happy to answer my own question on that site with any
information sent to this list.

The described effect seems suspect, so very possibly is indicative of a defect. As such, quite probably the best path would be to pursue the issue with your service provider. The most recent conspicuous fix activity involving the output from a GET DIAGNOSTICS statement is available in v7r1 PTF SI51967. Note: nowhere did I see any mention of the version, release, mod, tech refresh, or cumulative level; thus a recommendation of a IBM i 7.1 fix may not be germane.

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