On 06-May-2014 02:43 -0500, Joke Dehond wrote:
<<SNIP>> The EDTDOC (and PRTDOC as well as a few others) command is
officially part of the OS, but it merely links to 'some' product that
provides that functionality, which is reported "missing" when OV/400
is not installed. This is where the misconception comes from that
OfficeVision was part of the OS. <<SNIP>>

While some parameter specifications on a Print Document (PRTDOC) command request may result in [will force] an attempt by the command invocation to invoke a feature of the interactive OV/400 LPP, that command itself [and other non-LPP functionality] is part of the OS itself. The OS features remain functional [and AFaIK are supported; though if the error is in the document itself, no joy] irrespective the loss of the LPP. A document with field instructions can still produce a spooled result with the results of a [implicit or actual *QRYDFN] query including multiple-document merge results; similarly, the Merge Document (MRGDOC) command. The EDTDOC and DSPDOC were part of the LPP, and those commands would not exist on a system in V5 if the LPP were properly removed with the DLTLICPGM [either by the user or implicitly by the OS].

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