One reason to favor Fix Central over SNDPTFORD is a long standing bug with
Let's say you order PTF's on one machine to distribute to multiple
Let's say the machine you order them on doesn't have 5770WTF. And you
know there's a PTF SI12345 for 5770WTF. You're thinking no problem, I'll
Check PTF . . . . . . . . . . . CHKPTF *NO
and even if I don't have 5770-WTF it will still order the PTF. Why yes it
will. But if you also have the default
Order . . . . . . . . . . . . . ORDER > *REQUIRED
so you get any prereq's and coreq's, you will run into a problem. Let's
say, SI12345 also wants SI23456 and SI23456 is also for 5770WTF. You will
get an error message that SI23456 wasn't downloaded because it's for a LPP
that is not installed on your system.

I have a ticket opened with IBM on this.

Of course, if they just fixed Fix Central to support 7.2 I'd call it a day
and leave the SNDPTFORD issue to suckers who are enamored with that
command and are gui phobic.

Rob Berendt

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