"Steinmetz, Paul" <PSteinmetz@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote on Tue, 29
Apr 2014 01:10:01 GMT:

On your 5913 support, my doc from 2011 has
HDD - 72
SSD - 24 to 36
Mix on same pair - Yes

I don't know what document you are speaking of.

Yes, it is supported to mix SSD and HDD on the adapters,
maximum of the combination is 72. Maximum SSDs has always
been 24 when using 5886 and 5887 enclosures.

It was easiest to find the announcement letter from October, 2013
with the information about drive maximums

Which says:
SSD maximums per I/O drawer with the support of a pair of #ESA3
adapters are:

- 18 SSDs in one #5802 drawer in mode 2.
- 24 SSDs in one #5887 EXP24S drawer in mode 1 or mode 2.
- 24 SSDs in two EXP24S drawers.
- 8 SSDs in one #5886 EXP12S drawer (no cascading).
- 16 SSDs in two EXP12S drawers. (drawers must be on separate adapter ports and not cascaded.)

#ESA3 pairs support 177 GB, 387 GB, and 775 GB SFF (2.5-inch) SSDs.
The older 3.5-inch 69 GB SSDs are supported in the EXP12S drawer.

A single pair of #ESA3 adapters can attach both SSDs and HDDs; however,
each connector must have all HDDs or all SSDs. In a mixed HDD/SSD
environment, on a three- EXP24S drawer configuration on a pair of
#ESA3 adapters, the maximum combined number of drives with 24 SSDs is
72 (48 HDDs).

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