nightly around 300 to 400 GB...
weekly around 400 to 500 GB...

On 4/24/2014 2:48 PM, Richard Schoen wrote:
Once a month for system backup is probably fine.

As long as you trust your nightly/weekly backups to SAN and can handle restoring data there's no reason to do weekend tape saves unless you have a doomsday scenario where all systems get wiped out :-)

How much data do you backup nightly and weekly ?

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message: 6
date: Thu, 24 Apr 2014 14:14:36 -0500
from: Gqcy<gmufasa01@xxxxxxxxx>
subject: comfort level in not performing TAPE backups...

I have re-composed this email several times now...
it kept winding up as a pro - con list...

Our IT shop (mostly windows servers, with a small IBM i) has been
working away from tape for some time.
3 years ago we stopped our nightly IBM i backups to physical tape, and
went to a product that exported save files to SAN. we did physical tape
spins on the weekend...

we are now in a full HA/DR protection scenario, and are progressing to
performing our nightly backups on the DR box, NOT the source box...
I am ok with this...

Now, I am being tasked to stop the weekend tape spins now as well,
except for a "month end" full system save tape to be done on Source system.

I need to ask....
Am I going too far down the trail getting away from tape on the IBM i?

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