Gee, Vern. I can't imagine what former IBMer you're referring to on
LinkedIn. But his initials are BC. :)

On Wed, Apr 23, 2014 at 1:44 PM, Vernon Hamberg <vhamberg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>wrote:

LinkedIN groups ARE not always a good time - there are several now
related to AS400, IBM i, or some other name - I exclude the RPG & DB2
group, of course. :)

I'd say most of the people on there would be better served coming over
to the MIDRANGE lists - of course, I'm prejudiced.

Fortunately on these lists, we don't have to put up with the drivel put
forth by certain former IBMers who seem to have some kind of axe to
grind - wish he'd grind it somewhere else!! But those threads on LI -
man, they can get tiresome - and I get drawn in far too often - I'm
trying to get off the stuff, will be there eventually!


On 4/23/2014 11:32 AM, Buck Calabro wrote:
On 4/23/2014 11:50 AM, James H. H. Lampert wrote:
On 4/23/14 6:09 AM, Bradley Stone wrote:
About 2 and a half years ago I quit smoking, and Facebook. Facebook
easy, smoking was not. But I did it on the same day.

Maybe LinkedIn will be the next easy quit. I really don't do much on
I don't do Facebook. Or Twitter. Or LinkedIn. Ever. For any reason,
under any circumstances.

And my employer was informed, some years ago, that were he ever to give
me a direct order to do so on behalf of the company, I would immediately
collect my personal effects, and he would never see me again.

I have a REAL web site. And REAL friends. And A LIFE.

Just say NO to social media.
I haven't checked my Facebook since about November, so I know how you
feel. Having said that, this mailing list almost certainly fits the
definition of social media. Even more to the point, social media in
some form or another is how we all keep up with Midrange goings-on.
Without this mailing list, or Bob Cozzi's or the sadly defunct Penton
web forums, how would we share our experiences - our Midrange specific
experiences - with one another? As asocial as I am, I don't think I was
better off in the 1980s when the sum total of my knowledge came from the
IBM paper manuals and the paper copies of News/38.

In my opinion, we need to find ways to use social media to the advantage
of the Midrange community. Like you, my first impulse is to shun social
media, where 'I am the product'. But I don't think that is helpful
either to my career or to the future of the Midrange platform.

Very respectfully,
--buck calabro, social media misfit.

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