We schedule BRMS system saves using AJS.
I see no reason why you couldn't use the base job scheduler and call the GO SAVE 21.
Something else we do is we have another job scheduled, SYSRESTRIC, just prior to the scheduled system save.
The jobs basically ends all subsystems, results in the system being in a restricted state.
When system save starts, it immediately starts the save, subsystems already end.
I've seen in the past that the system save gets hung up trying to end jobs, subsystems, etc.


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We did this too. Later we created a jobscde to check that the backup job was running (in case she forget or if she had the day off).



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I second this. I wrote a version of this called WEEKLY, where the
operator could type that command at the console on Friday afternoon,
and the program would sit and wait until the shift change on Sunday afternoon.

The shop was a warehouse that supplies food to restaurants and
delicatessens, and Sunday afternoon was the only window for downtime.
The work week for the warehouse guys started at 7 PM on Sunday.

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