I do this every weeknight on our MIMIX target system. I submit a batch job
to QCTL to run the save.

In addition to checking the tape drive and making sure I can process the
loaded tape, I run commands to put the system to restricted mode. Once the
system reaches that state, I run the commands SAVSYS, SAVLIB, and SAV.

The secret is to tell the ENDSBS *all command that there is a batch time
limit. Mine looks like;


Help on Batch time limit parm says;

Specifies the amount of time (in minutes) that the system will run in batch
restricted state. This parameter is only valid when ending all subsystems
from a batch job running in the controlling subsystem. Under this
condition, a parameter value must be specified. When this parameter is
specified, the system will be ended to the restricted state, with only the
batch job running the ENDSBS command remaining active. While the system is
in this restricted state, system reference code A900 3C70 is displayed. If
the specified time limit is reached, the batch job will be ended and the
controlling subsystem restarted.

This has worked well for us to run the same commands that SAVE 21 runs and
save the entire system. We are on i5/OS 7.1.


Jim Essinger
Western Power Sports

On Tue, Apr 1, 2014 at 2:29 PM, John McKee <jmmckee@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Still riding system to oblivion. We >may< be losing our only opportunity
for an attended backup every other week. I have been asked to explore

No money.

I read in Infocenter that GO SAVE 21 has a capability to be set up to 24
hours in the future. Not a scheduled job, just sits in DLYJOB. The
thought occurred to me of writing a CL that would be submitted to
controlling subsystem (BCTL in our case) which would end to restricted
state and perform backup. Just a little afraid of that. If something
failed, with no workstation available, how could anybody know?

I retrieved the source for the GO SAVE 21 CLP, QMNSAVE. Two parms are
passed, &DFT and &CANCEL DFT has a length of 118, but the defaults data
area has a length of 200. I am assuming that is just a quirk, as the data
area is blank beyond 120 or so.

It looks like the CaNCEL parm is populated and sent back.

I am thinking that this retrieved source could be modified to have no
parameters. Just do RTVDTAARA and run the commands. Add an appropriate
DLYJOB at the top so it could be started from the console and it would wait
until the appropriate time. Would need to also end the online system
before subsystems are ended. I have that code already.

Final piece is to get the media library to pull tapes as needed. I presume
the changes to accomplish that are made through the front panel? This is
3590 E11.

Gets a bit more confusing: We have a single 3590. yet a WRKCFGSTS *DEV
TAP* shows:


TAPMLB01 was created by auto config. It shows device type 3590 E11. This
shows resource of TAP01 deallocated.

TAPMLB02 has *RSRCNAME for device type and model. No resources listed.

Can't vary on TAPMLB02 after vary off of TAP35. I am not surprised, based
on no resoueces.

I do not know why there are two MLBs. My thought is both are "incorrect".
Many years ago, there was a TAP01.

Ran WRKHDWRSC TYPE(*STG), TAPMLB01 is only tape library.

Was media library even set up correctly? It has never been used, as far as
I know.

I can add config source if it will make any sense.

John McKee
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