I think a 3590 can be configured as "sequential" or "random". That is
done on the unit itself. If you configure it as "sequential" then it
should appear as only a TAP## device. If you configure it as "random" it
should appear as a TAPMLB## device.

WRKMLBSTS will show 1, or more, TAP## devices underneath your TAPMLB##
device. One TAP## per each physical drive in the media library. I'll
assume you only have one. Once you start using it in "random" mode you
will always refer to it as it's TAPMLB## name. You will never refer it by
it's TAP## name unless you're doing something really off the beaten path -
like an IPL from tape to do a full system restore.

We use BRMS to do our backups. It's the best way to fly if you're using a
media library. However, I understand if you're not in the position to put
any money into your machine at this time. But if you've already purchased

I have some preBRMS documentation on how we used a media library, in
random mode, before we started using BRMS. I can dig that up for you, if
you want.

Rob Berendt

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