Thanks Chuck.

So then, there is another question, not nearly so important, but for quite a while I have changed the text on my screens with IBM I Access to different colors.
Our one system has turquoise text on black and the other yellow on black. (I wanted to say I didn't have a green screen.)
Silly I suppose but now I'm used to it.
And I can tell at a glance which system I'm on.
I've tried to change the color of the text on the Java based product but can't seem to do it.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

Dave B

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On 24-Mar-2014 09:20 -0700, Dave Boettcher wrote:
The only difficulty I had was that the F keys on the Mac are pre-coded
to perform certain functions. e.g. F4 didn't prompt a command, it did
what Mac wanted it to do - something called LaunchPad which brings up
a menu of applications. I worked around it by using a ? before the
command I wanted to prompt.

The effect of an F-key instead of the Mac function, is achieved using the fn+F-key; wherein the "fn" key acts similar to a shift, whereby that key is held down, and while being held, the desired F-key is pressed.
No system preferences change is required,

And just now, Google told me there is a system preference on Mac to
use F keys as standard function keys. <<SNIP>>

What I had used to override the requirement to use the "fn" key in combination with an F-Key, i.e. to effect the desired F-key action without pressing the "fn", was the following navigation:


After that preference change is in effect, thus causing the F-Keys to act as F-keys instead of the performing the function depicted on the icon presented beside the F-Key name, to achieve what the function key would have done by default, since requires the use of the "fn" in combination with the chosen F-key. That is, the requirement to use the "fn" is effectively the inverse.

Regards, Chuck
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