On Sun, 2014-03-23 at 12:54 -0400, franz400 wrote:
I've been asked but just don't know the answer.
googled around and the apple to win 2008 remote desktop doesn't seem too difficult - it's the iSeries Access I'm not sure of.

There shouldn't be any problems as the remote desktop is actually run on
the remote machine, as are any applications started on the desktop. The
remote viewer just sends display data along with any windows events,
such as "click" etc. and keyboard stuff...

I'm currently using such a setup to work with rdsc on a windows box set
up in a virtual machine with a virtual network adapter that runs on my
debian (linux) physical box and is accessed with a remote desktop linux
client. It can all get a little confusing as to which window is "real"
and which is virtual especially when trying to cut and paste text :-/

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